Dry Erase Menu

ImageAfter seeing this menu on Pintrest:

I really wanted to make one,  but it looked like more work than I wanted to put in.  So I came up with this one.  I made the chart using Publisher and then printed it on Card stock that I cut to 8×10 so it would fit in my frame.  Then I use a dry erase marker to write on the glass!  It is so easy for me! 

And yes I do know it has two Monday’s!  It just makes it easier for me to plan that way.  I normally plan my menu for the week on Sunday but I dont go to the store untill tuesday so this way I can erase and put what we are having Monday and Plan for next Monday too!  Weird yes.


Bzz Agent

So I’m a Bzz Agent.  It a group online anyone can join and they team up with companies and let thier agents try things out.  And spred Bzz or honest word of mouth testimonies about the things they try.  the most recent Campain I am in is Smarterer.  Which is an online site you can go to take test.  Its free and you can test your knowlage about almost anything. And you can make your own test.  Even companies can do so it seems.  So what do I think.  Its fun but a wast of time.  So a fun waste of time. 🙂  If you need a distraction its great!

Check it out if you want!

Elephant Softie


I just love new babies!  And making things for them is so fun!  This is a pattern is from Jessica at Craftiness is Not Optional.  She has lots of great ideas and very cute kids!  This was really my first gathering experiance and it went very well.  I did find it challenging when I went to pin the head to the body since it is curved but I just followed the dircetions and kept pininng and it worked!  I added a rattle inside and I can’t wait to give it to the new baby!

You can find the patteren here.

Learning to blog

I’m hoping to find a place in the crafting blog community.  I don’t have fancy tutorials to share and I am a terrible writter and an even worse speller.  But reading so many blogs for just under a year now,  I really want a place to post things that I make,  so I’m sure there will be a learning curve and I’m not sure I have a ton to offer there are so many creative people out there but I will try!

Backpack for William

I follow many great blogs,  Made By Rae is one I really love.  She has a great style and is so fun and easy to read.  She also has many great patterns she sells some and others are FREE!  Great stuff.  This is the toddler Backpack pattern.  This is probably the most complex thing I have ever sewn and it is going really well.  I have acctually done some sewing dispite the picture,  I just really like the front!   The material I used is a suit that my dad wore almost all the time when I was growing up.  It was worn in spots and my dad was getting rid of it,  I snached it up and knew I wanted to make something for William out of it.  I will take more and hopefully better pictures of this when it is complete!