So About Me.  My name is Sarah and the name for this blog goes back to AIM this was the screen name I came up with in highschool and it has stuck around.  I am married and will be celebrating 8 years this February with my husband Chris.  He is awesome and works long hard days and allows me to stay home with our two kids.  We have a girl, Pepper who is 3 and a son, William who will be 2 in April.

I love to make things,  Crafty useful things,  I  don’t like clutter, so the things I make are often out of necessity (glad for spell check on that word!)  I learned to sew when I was young I have no idea when but I have memories of sewing as a child.   My grandmother even taught me to knit the only thing I ever made was a hat and now I have no clue how to knit.  Paper crafting has been something I really enjoyed.  More recently I have been sewing, since I started reading blogs and the birth of my children I find it great to make things for them!  I also make things for around the house.

Read about my faith here.

Here is our Christmas Picture this year:

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